Sunday, February 6, 2011

06th FEB 1987-06th FEB 2011

It's my birthday..yeayy,I'm in FOREVER YOUNG mood..LOL

Thanks my buddies on my facebook..I have received a lot of wishes..woahh,sangat terharu ok!really appreciate it..:D

Now, I have turned to 24 years old..lepas ni saya dah tak boleh nak merajuk macam budak kecil bila MR SY letih seharian dengan kerja dia..bila MR SY sibuk dengan "madu" saya..bila MR SY manjakan "baby girl" dia..saya kena pandai buat keputusan sendiri dan saya tak boleh nak berfikiran macam budak kecil..<<dah boleh kahwin kott umur macam ni..teeheee..

THANK YOU ALLAH for the life,the love,and the kindness that YOU've gave all this while..May the finest things come to my way, may all my wishes and dreams come true and may the happiness and success walk along in my life..

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